Airunit Flight School has two experienced instructors; an ex-fighter pilot and a flight instructor for instructors.

During the training, great importance is attached to all aspects of flying: 
theoretical knowledge, practical skills and attitude.

The training is completed step by step.

It starts with the operation of the rudders up to and including independent navigation to other airports and airfields.

The practical training can take place together with the theory training. The total practical training comprises a minimum of 45 flying hours.


What after...?
Once you have obtained the Private Pilot License (PPL), you may only operate non-commercial flights without any compensation. You are allowed to fly with 3 passengers in the aircraft on which you took your exam. Other "class-equal" aircraft are allowed after a check flight with a flight instructor.

The PPL license remains valid for a minimum of 12 flying hours, of which 6
as PIC with corresponding 12 take-offs and landings.


Contact us for the continuation and the start of your dream!

Getting to know the device

Starting a flight training requires a lot of effort from the student. That is why we would like to meet with you to get acquainted with the device. In addition, we can answer all your questions here.

Contact an instructor. Meet up with a student is also possible.

Initiation flight
Flying is not for everyone. A training aircraft has a smaller inertia than the well-known airliners.

Not sure if you can tolerate the turbulence and maneuvers?

Then ask for an initiation flight.

     What is that?

Before you take to the air, you will first receive some explanation on the ground and the aircraft will be checked.

The flight takes 1 hour with taxi to the runway, take-off, some basic maneuvers (climbing, descending and turns), the run-up to the landing, the landing and the return to the pilot. This is followed by a debriefing of the flight.

Will you be our new student?

Avontuur is de essentie van het leven en veel lijkt onmogelijk totdat het gedaan is.
Het gaat niet enkel over 'piloot zijn'; het gaat over 'het leven van uw leven'.
"Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory."
Geloof in je droom en de toekomst is voor je weggelegd.
Piloten worden gemaakt, niet geboren.

Start je vliegopleiding bij Airunit.
We zoeken een nieuwe lichting studenten die samen het avontuur willen aangaan.