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At EBST-Regional Airport Limburg we offer a large flying area for manned aviation, which can be used for pilot training, initiation flights, training programs, commercial flights, gliding flights, drone flights and as a departure point for a hot air balloon.



  • RWY 24R / 06L (CODE 2): 1199M x 50M; ASPH- 9000 kg MTOW
  • Orientation: 058 ° / 238 °

  • Slope: <1 °



  • Between the aprons and the threshold RWY 24


Aprons manned trafic / Hangars / Fuel Station / Car Parking Areas:

  • These facilities are all located near the main building.


Signal square: 50 ° 47'43 ”N 005 ° 12'43” E - located on the roof of DronePort building


Aerodrome windsock: located east of the threshold area RWY 24R

VFR Low Air Map EBST0001.jpg
VFR Low Air Map EBST0005.jpg


Reporting points:

Point ECHO

  • Position: 50° 48' 18.16"N  005° 19' 50.22"E

    • Landmark: Village of Borgloon


  • Position: 50° 44' 44.22"N  005° 07' 27"E

    • Landmark: Crossing of road/Railroad South of the village of Gingelom.​

Arrival procedure: 

Overhead 2000 ft AMSL to enter the circuit at het beginning of the 'Downwind leg' at circuit altitude 1450 ft AMSL.

  • Avoid the ATZ zone North-West of the RWY.

  • "Brustem information" give AFIS after calling before reaching the entry points.

Circuit procedure: 

Remeain at the circuit altitude of 1450 ft AMSL.

  • Avoid the villiages of KERKOM; AALST; MIELEN-BOVEN-AALST.

  • Avoid the military campus 'Saffraanberg'.

Start de 'Base leg'  45° from RWY-threshold and start descencing at your own discretion

Turn final on your own discretion.

Departure procedure: 

Leave the circuit at the circuit altitude 1450 ft AMSL. Do not deviate before reaching the exit points.

  • Avoid the ATZ zone North-West of the RWY.

  • "Brustem information" give AFIS after calling before leaving the apron.

Run-up + Taxi: 

The run-up takes place for both RWY06 and RWY 24 at the holding bay opposite across the threshold RWY 24R.

Taxi from here the  RWY. RWY 06 can be reached by backtracking.

Reporting points.png
Visual Approach Chart.png
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